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Luxury living in heart of Athlone

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Property: 36 Bastion Quay, The Docks, Athlone

Kitty Kilkelly photographic collection at Bastion Gallery

The Kitty Kilkelly collection of photographs is on display at the Bastion Gallery, 6 Bastion Street, Athlone. This is a unique collection of 17 photographs taken of local shops over a period of two days in 1937. Bastion Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12.30-6pm in November and December.

50 per cent off luxury private homes at Bastion Quay

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This limited offer of 50 per cent off homes makes Bastion Quay, Athlone within the reach of first time buyers and empty-nesters looking for luxury, low-maintenance living, without compromising on space or quality of location.


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