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What’s with all the doubling up of dates?

As if there aren’t enough days in the year.

Drinking German tea, and other stories from South Galway.

Pete Lane, now in his 80s, who went to Ballindereen national school, spent most of his busy working life ‘on his knees thinning beet’. He had a friend Tommy Staunton from Lough Cutra, who had fought in World War I. Before Tommy went ‘over the top’ he was delighted when each soldier was handed a ‘little glass of brandy’. After which, Tommy claimed, you had no fear in the world. One day they were fighting the Germans, and managed to drive them out of their trenches. There they found a boiler of tea. It was still warm. The men settled down for a good cuppa but the officer warned them that the tea might be poisoned. Nobody cared if it was poisoned or not. ‘We were so exhausted an killed out’ that they enjoyed the break while the fighting continued.

Take up a challenge with Castle Leisure Club

This Lent, instead of giving up, why not take up a challenge? Castle Leisure Club will be running a 40 Day Fitness Challenge this Lent and is looking for 12 people to step up and take part. It will be kicking off on Ash Wednesday and finishing on Good Friday, the perfect opportunity if you have been thinking about making a change in your life.


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