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What will we do now on April Fool’s Day if the Arabs buy United?

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One of the hoary auld reliables of the newspaper game is when your publication date coincides with April Fools Day. It is the one day of the year when the normal stuff that passes for local news is embellished into extraordinary auld stuff designed to catch the eye, but to be not too good to actually convince people that it is true. I remember about a decade ago, on one April 2, fielding calls from some concerned parishioners of the Cathedral who were shocked to hear our story of the previous day that a Monsignor Faproilio from The Vatican was introducing ATM-style confessionals in the Cathedral, from which you would receive your penance on a small receipt.

Nuns Island Theatre to host major meeting on Palestine

A major meeting on Palestine, with reports from people who have been on the ground, as well as an interactive exhibition, and fair trade market, will take place tomorrow in the Nuns Island Theatre.

In a world of six billion people it only takes one to change your life

Athlone Film Club continues its autumn/winter season on November 24 with The Visitor (USA 2007) a heartfelt, humanistic drama that deftly explores identity, immigration, and other major post- 9/11 issues.


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