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Short interview can stop you in your tracks

Q: Of all the various things that can happen in a job interview, what worries you most? What’s the worst sign of all? I’ve had some funny experiences myself lately on the interview trail and I’m just trying to put them into context. Thank you. (DC, email).

Six simple tips for a college graduate’s LinkedIn profile

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Double decisions — what should you do?

Q: If I have a job interview on a Tuesday and another (more preferred) interview on a Wednesday how should I handle it if the Tuesday interview results in an offer on the spot? Should I accept the first offer and then decline it if the second one becomes available? Would this put the first offer in jeopardy? I certainly wouldn’t want to insult anyone and appear to be hedging my bets (even though that’s what I would be doing). Any suggestions? Thanks. (JM, email).


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