Election Count: Day Two Live

Mayo 2016 General Election Count Live

The Mayo Advertiser will be brining you rolling coverage of the todays general electoin count from the Royal Theatre and Events Centre in Castlebar. Colm Gannon will be on had during the count, brining you the news and views from the center. 

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"That's it untill the next time" is how Returning Officer Fintan Murphy ended the proceedings at the count centre in Mayo. The big news is that Mayo has a new TD with Lisa Chambers taking the final seat having pulled away from the sitting TD Michelle Mulherin steadily over the last few counts. Chambers and her running mate Dara Calleary were elected without reaching the quota and the duo alongside Minister of State Michael Ring took to the stage to thank their supporters as did the defeated Mulherin. That's it for now thanks for following us over the weekend. 


We finally have a second seat filled in Mayo with Michael Ring going over the quota after he got 1,115 of Jerry Cowley's 4,375 transfers leaving him on 13,149 votes. The other big news from that count is that Lisa Chambers picked up 783 votes moving her up to 9,503 votes while Michelle Mulherin only picked up 404 leaving her on 8,900 giving Chambers a lead of 603 before the final count of the eliminated Rose Conway-Walsh's is counted with those 7,853 favoured to go more towards Chambers and seeing the 29-year-old elected to the Dáil on her second attempt. 


The counters fairly got through the last count in quick time, Jerry Cowley was the big winner getting 707 of the votes, but that still wasn't enough to keep him in the race and he was eliminated on 4,375 votes. Michael Ring also did well getting 421 votes bringing him to just around 700 shy of the quota. Lisa Chambers stretched her lead out to 222 votes over Michelle Mulherin with the two currently sitting on 8,718 and 8,496 respectively, while Dara Calleary has moved on to 9,993 and Rose Conway Walsh to 7,022. 


The counters are still busy at work, so just a quick recap we've only had one TD elected, Enda Kenny who went over on the first count, we're onto our eighth count now and we've eliminated nine candidates Indepdents Stephen Manning, Kama Uddin, Geroge O'Malley, Peter Jordan, Sean Forkan and Gerry O'Boyle, along with Mags Sheehan from the Green Party, Renua's Michael Farrington and PBP Tom Moran. 

Out of the running, the nine candidtes who have been excluded from the count. 


The votes have come out from under the covers they were under for the night and are being sorted, while you're waiting we've a little chart showing where the transfers have gone so far in the seven counts we've had for those left in the race. 


We're back in the count centre in Castlebar, the conting will get underway at 10am with just over 3,000 votes to be given out on this count, with how slow the pace moved yesterday, it could be a while before these votes are all handed out. 

Enda and Fionnuala


That's all folks for now! seventh count is done and the trio of Mags Sheehan, Tom Moran and Michael Farrington have been eliminated. They have 3,003 votes between them and the count will get under way at 10am. We'll be back in the morning. 


We've six counts done now and both of the First Independent Mayo candidates, Geroge O'Malley and Peter Jordan have been eliminated. They had a combined 498 votes between them, their transfers won't make the outcome any clearer tonight, next in line to be eliminated is Green Party Mags Sheehan and PBP's Tom Moran. 


We're now five counts in and we still have only Enda Kenny elected. Stephen Manning is the latest candidate to be eliminated and his 179 votes are now being divided out. The state of play for the contenders at the minute is Michael Ring is on 11, 558, Dara Calleary on 9,419, Lisa Chambers on 8,296 and Michelle Mulherin on 8,125. 

The big blocks of transfers will come from Rose Conway Walsh who is currently on 6,453, Jerry Cowley on 3,523 and Michael Farrington whose on 1,600. Returning officer Fintan Muprhy has said he will call the count for the night soon and be back tomorow morning at 10am to complete it. 


We have just had the thrid count of Sean Forkan's 42 votes, there's been no material change and Gerry O'Boyle has been eliminated. 


The second count is in and nobody has been elected, but Michelle Mulherin has closed the gap on Lisa Chambers to 181 votes after she got 243 of his transfers, with Chambers getting 15 from the Taoiseach. Micheal Ring got the best portion of the transfers getting 258. 


The percentage breakdown of the first vote count by party in Mayo. 


The first count is finall in and  Enda Kenny get 13,318 votes and go over the quota, by 588 votes which was set at 12,730. Michael Ring came second in the vote with 11,275. Dara Calleary was next in line with 9,402 with Lisa Chambers on 8,231 and Michelle Mulherin on 7,841. W

What happens next, Enda Kenny’s surplus of 588 is going to be distributed amongst the other candidates. Fine Gael will hope that a good chunk of that vote goes to Michelle Mulherin, but with Lisa Chambers being from Castlebar like the Taoiseach a good chunk of those votes could go to her. Fianna Fáil made a big play of getting two TDs back in Castlebar and if this message works and the non-party faithful who gave Kenny number one, give two to Chambers it could go a long way to getting her over the line.

After the surplus is handed out there won’t be enough votes to get anyone over the line so it’ll begin the process of eliminating candidates and see where the chips fall, the talk is that this will favour Chambers going down the line, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Enda Kenny has arrived at the count Centre 


It was predicted that it would be a three way battle for the final seat in Mayo, but according to the tally figures it will be a two horse race between the sitting Fine Gael TD or Fianna Fáil's Lisa Chambers. The Taoiseach Enda Kenny looks to be the only one certain to make the breakthough on the first count with the tallies having him taking 13,148 of the first prefernce votes. He's followed by Minister of State Michael Ring on 11, 138 votes. Dara Calleary has the thirs most votes with 9,328 number ones beside his name, with his running mate Lisa Chambers next in line on 8,193 with Mulherin on 7,868. 

Sinn Féin did grow their first preference vote but their candidate Rose Conway Walsh according to the tallies looks like taking only 6,386 votes, well behind the others contending for the last seat.  Some tallymen are giving the nod towars Cllr Chamabers in taking the last seat ahead of Mulherin, but with around 3,500 of the also rans votes to be handed out before Jerry Cowley's 3,437 votes things could change over the evening, with Rose Conway Walshes votes if she's eliminated being the king maker on the day. 


The final tally count from the count centre in Castlebar has predicted a quota of 12,672, with only An Taoiseach Enda Kenny making it getting a vote of 13,148. He’s followed by Michael Ring on 11,138. Dara Calleary has got 9,328 with Lisa Chambers behind in 8,193 over taking the third FG candidate Michelle Mulherin on 7,868.

final tally


The boxes from all areas have been opened now and we can see that Enda Kenny is polling at jus under 24 per cent of the first prefernce votes with 70 per cent of the boxes opened. Dara Calleary is just behind him on 17 per cent with Michael Ring moving up the ladder with him currently sitting on 11 per cent as his strong area of West Mayo is counted. Michelle Mulherin is sitting on 15 per cent while Lisa Chambers is on 12.6 per cent with Rose Conway Walsh back on just under nine per cent.


The boxes have been open for an hour and the tally men have Enda Kenny on 30 per cent, Dara Calleary, Michelle Mulherin and Lisa Chambers all around the 15 per cent mark with Michael Ring and Rose Conway Walsh just over 7 per cent each, the boxes opened so far have come from the Balllina and Castlebar areas. 

Tally at 10am



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