Ireland’s centenarians should be honoured as part of 1916 commemorations — Ring

Michael Ring, Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, has said that he will be contacting the relevant Department to make provision to honour Irish people who were born in 1916.

Minister Ring said: "There are a number of people living in Ireland who will reach the age of 100 and who were born in the historical year of 1916. A number of State ceremonial events are taking place throughout the country to commemorate the 1916 Rising over the 12 months of the year, and I believe that centenarians who were born in 1916 should also be honoured in some way as part of these events. Those born in 1916 were born into a very special era in Irish history. The Proclamation of the Republic, drawing on in the ideals of that generation, has remained an inspiration over succeeding generations, of which these people were a part. I believe there are people in Ireland at present who will and who have reached the age of 100 in 2016 who should be honoured in some way during these commemorations."



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