Get your energy back with Revive Active Natural Health at Stauntons

Revive Active Natural Health Supplement is high quality blend of 22 active ingredients delivering a multitude of health benefits in one convenient daily sachet. Benefits of Revive Active include natural sustained energy without the use of sugar or caffeine, enhanced heart health and a reinforced immune system. Dr Aoife Brennan will be in store offering free nutrition consultations on Friday, September 18 in Stauntons Health Shop, Hopkins Road, Castlebar from 11am to 1.30pm  and Stauntons Pharmacy, Main Street, Castlebar from 2pm to 4.30pm. With every purchase of Revive Active or Joint Complex the customer gets a free Revive Krill oil.

Revive Active also brings together two Nobel Prize-winning ingredients for the first time. The combined inclusion of coenzyme Q10 and L-arginine further enhance Revive Actives ability to improve energy and vitality. Coenzyme Q10 is essential in the production of energy within the body, but levels decline with age after 20 years old, resulting in the increased onset of fatigue. L-arginine, on the other hand, helps improve circulation by enhancing the ability of blood vessels to relax and stay elastic, increasing blood flow and oxygenation. These are just a few of the ingredients and health benefits of the award-winning Revive Active.

Revive Active Krill Oil was launched to extend and enhance the benefits of Revive Active offering synergistic effects between ingredients and increased therapeutic action.  Adequate intake of essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA is necessary for health and wellbeing, making Revive Active Krill Oil the perfect complement.

Revive Active Krill Oil promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, enhances brain function and cognition and helps improve vision. Revive Active Krill Oil exhibits superior effects to traditional omega-3 fish oil supplements due to its unique structure which enhances absorption and bioavailability. Revive Active Krill Oil is also a significantly more effective cholesterol aid lowering bad LDL cholesterol six times more and increasing good HDL cholesterol 10 times more than fish oil. Furthermore, Revive Active Krill Oil is more effective in increasing oxy-hemoglobin levels, indicating enhancing blood flow and oxygenation to critical brain areas improving brain function.



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