The hunt is on for All Ireland final tickets

Not long after the final whistle in Croke Park the hunt for tickets for Mayo’s big day on September 22 began in earnest for the loyal Mayo supporters. Last year Mayo got a total allocation of 14,746 tickets for the final against Donegal, a figure similar to the number the county board sold themselves for the semi-final. This year with the minors also making the final, Mayo will see an increase in the number of tickets they are allocated by Croke Park for the final, but it is not going to see many more end up in the hands of the clubs as Mayo GAA Pro Aiden McLoughlin explained. “We won’t see that much of an increase to the clubs, once you factor in the minor players, management, and their familes from the allocation, they have to be taken care of first. We’ve also seen an increase in our Cáirde Mhaigheo members from last year too, so that will see an increase in tickets being allocated to that side too. We hope that the clubs will get a very similar allocation to what they got last year when it’s all shaken out.” Last year the clubs in the county got a total of 8,846 tickets to distribute to their members for the final.



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