Looking to the future - Stauntons Photo Centre, Castlebar

Everything is digital these days, but we still want tangible memories. We still want to see hard copies of photographs from family weddings, christenings, get-togethers, the first day of school, and every special occasion. Stauntons Pharmacy now has the Fujifilm solution.

Stauntons Pharmacy, Castlebar, has kept up with the times and now offers a complete digital service using high Spec Fujifilm digital imaging technology.

The team at Stauntons Pharmacy want to give their customers high quality photos that will last a lifetime. Even better, it is one of the few locations around the country that offers a special service for smartphones and Facebook. Until recently the only way you could upload photos from your iPhone or smartphone was to do so at home on your PC, now you can use one in the store and plug in your smartphone or log on on to your Facebook account using the Fujiifilm kiosks at Stauntons Photo Centre.

And that is not all, there is a fantastic new range of photo services—you can now create your own personalised photobooks.

Your favourite memories can be printed on almost anything—mugs, placemats, coasters, baby bibs, and lots more, it is easy—Stauntons will show you how.

Why not create some wall art? With canvas prints you can bring out the details of your digital photos using fantastic canvas prints. Canvas prints are stretched, wrapped, and ready to hang. Your children's art can also be transformed into their own work of art with canvas prints.

So there is lots to do and plenty to experience with a whole new world of photography at Stauntons Photo Centre, Castlebar.



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