Water rationing possible as demand for water spikes during cold spell

Leaks particularly high in Achill due to holiday home pipe freezes

Water rationing similar to that in operation in parts of Dublin may be necessary to stem the flow in Mayo where demand for water in the county jumped by 21 per cent over the past few weeks.

“The demand for water has gone from 53,000 cubic metres up to 65,000 cubic metres a day, which is a jump of 21 per cent,” county engineer Joe Beirne said this week. He added that supply has become critical in some areas, including Achill, and that the council has repaired 10 major bursts in pipes since the cold snap began.

“Achill is difficult area because there are a lot of holiday homes in the area and pipes can freeze and crack which can lead to problems,” Mr Beirne told the Mayo Advertiser. “We are asking people who own holiday homes there to turn off the water or get someone to do it for them, because if they don’t the leaks could contribute to the loss of supply in areas.”

In recent weeks homes and businesses in Dublin have been forced to abide by water curfews with supply cut-offs in early evenings and mornings. Hoteliers have been particularly badly hit by the move as well as restaurants and other hospitality operators who have been unable to supply basic santitation services to customers.



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