New signage to be erected at confusing Castlebar roundabouts

Sinn Féin councillor Thérèse Ruane, who tabled a motion at the monthly Castlebar Town Council meeting last week calling on Mayo County Council to revert to standard road markings at roundabouts in the Castlebar, has welcomed an agreement from the town manager to erect signage on the approach to roundabouts.

However Cllr Ruane feels that while the signage will ask motorists to get into lane, she insists it does not go far enough. Reverting to the standard markings is what is needed, according to Cllr Ruane.

The manager has agreed to review this once the signage has been erected to see how it is working, Cllr Ruane explained.

“As they currently stand, people are very angry and concerned about the road markings in roundabouts in Castlebar. It’s downright dangerous and the new signage will improve the situation but doesn’t solve it, in my opinion.

“Each roundabout will still remain different to the next one. It is still very dangerous for drivers of articulated trucks and more vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and motorcycles. It still causes confusion for learner drivers and difficulties for driving instructors teaching standard rules and then having to explain to learner drivers that ‘different rules apply in Castlebar’.”

Cllr Ruane said the manager’s commitment was “a welcome move and will go some way to alleviating the situation”, however she still fails to understand why Castlebar has to be different from every other town in the country.



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