Some great offers now available at Gifts Supreme

What’s the point in having a fabulous home if you don’t have the right accessories to set it off.

It’s well worth a visit to Gifts Supreme, Castlebar, which houses one of the largest selections of homewares and interiors in the west of Ireland, stocking up to date trends and a vast selection of all types of everything you could ever need in your kitchen.

Make cooking a pleasure with a great range of cookware from Stellar Saucepans or Meyer Prestige. There are high quality brand names wherever you look.

Choose from the large selection of tableware from Denby Pottery to Maxwell and Williams tableware. Whatever the occasion you are sure to find a suitable style.

Add a touch of colour to your kitchen with a sleek casserole from LeCreuset and make the perfect cup of coffee with your Bodum cafetiere.

And, who would have thought that there was a gadget for almost everything. If they don’t have it in the homeware’s department then they will certainly try to get it for you.

With everything from cherry pipers to potato mashers this is the place to find your kitchen utensils.

There is also a fantastic range of modern and contemporary kitchen and dining lighting to really set the mood. Call today to see Gifts Supreme’s most up to date energy efficiency bulbs. Now available a new Led 3w bulb. This bulb will replace the bulbs in many spot lights and downlight fittings and uses only three watts of energy while giving a great light output. It will also give approximately 100,000 hours of light so will probably never need to be replaced. Call today and the staff in Gifts Supreme will give you a demonstration.

Don’t miss a worthwhile visit to this great homeware’s shop on Linenhall Street, Castlebar.



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