Cash Convenience for cash on demand

Cash Convenience based on 54 John Street is a modern-day buy, sell, and loan store, retailing everything from jewellery to iPods, computers, mobile phones, hi-fi systems, cameras, and most items of value.

In the current economic climate it is important to get the best value for your euro and not to waste money on items that you do not want. It is also the environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your unwanted goods. During the boom many people bought items that they now find they do not use and could do with the cash instead of the items lying around the house.

So if could use some cash today, maybe take a look around your home — you might have an old computer you do not use any more, maybe an item of jewellery that you no longer want, or even an iPod, whatever it is as long as it is not clothes, knives, furniture, or food you can get instant cash at Cash Convenience.

All that is necessary is that the item is in full working order and that it belongs to you.

Proof of ID is required to open an account with Cash Convenience. If customers are unsure whether or not they want to sell an item but could still do with short term cash, there is a buy-back option available. Cash Convenience will give cash for each item but give the option to buy it back within an agreed time period. Terms and conditions apply.

Cash Convenience is also ideal for people who love buying gadgets or like a real bargain in jewellery, or just like bargain hunting.

Want or need something but on a tight budget? Why not have a look at what is on offer.

The staff at Cash Convenience are very friendly and offer genuine advice. Cash Convenience opens Monday to Saturday from 10am until 5pm.

For further information contact the store today on 056 7715766 or 051 855852 or website:



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