New exhibition at Upstairs

The Upstairs Gallery Watergate Theatre presents an exhibition of work by Attracta Manson, Carol O’ Connor and Maggie Mc Keever, recent graduates of NCAD, in Fine Art Painting.

Opening on Thursday August 5, at 4.30-6.30pm this exhibition runs from July 30 — September 3.

This exciting exhibition presents three emerging artists whose primarily practice is in painting. The collection of works although disparate, are essentially connected by the use of contemporary methodologies in dealing with this medium. The artists explore the painting process, using it to distort, transform, interpret and question.

Attracta Manson’s work focuses on concepts of identity, exploring whether these concepts can be influenced or changed through the simple change of 'outwardness' The work negotiates an irresolute compromise between real and imagined realities. Colour and line are densely layered and interconnected in her paintings and the collection develops, as variations on a singular subject, gathering or image.

Carol O’ Connor paints landscapes, but not in the traditional way. She destroys the image first in order to salvage it, through this process the painting is allowed to evolve. The final image refers to that part of the experience or image which is left from this process.

Maggie Mc Keever’s work is concerned mainly with archival imagery, once the image is removed from its intended circle it invites a retelling of the story. The work has an ambiguous nature, inviting the viewer to interpret the scene and often producing very different readings.

For further information on this or subsequent shows, contact the Arts Office on (056 ) 7794138.



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