Duggan and Langton at the Ormonde Hotel

‘Cherries’ – Marie Langton

‘Cherries’ – Marie Langton

Ellen Duggan and Marie Langton are exhibiting at the Ormonde Hotel, Kilkenny during the 2010 Kilkenny Arts Festival which kicks off this weekend.

Once again this exhibition promises to be a vibrant, lively exhibition with a selection of still-lifes, people studies, seascapes, landscapes and some life drawing. Each year both these artists are very innovative with their concepts and have progressed their individual styles.

Ellen has focused on landscapes and people studies with her usual vibrant colour palette which is well worth a look. She draws her subject matter from her immediate surroundings including family, friends and local scenes.

Marie is showing a selection of still lifes, some seascapes and has also included some life-drawing this year. Her use of colour is minimalist in style but very striking and she has used many textures to get her desired effect.

The exhibition takes place in the foyer of the Ormonde Hotel and both artists would love to see you come along to view their work. The exhibition opens each day at 11am.



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