Local band take You Tube by storm

Local ballad group, The Kilkennys, have reached a whopping 160,000 hits on YouTube for a selection of videos for their performances of songs including the original track ‘Shine on Kilkenny’.

The band consisting of brothers Davey and Adam Cashin, Tommy Mackey and Rob Campion, are fast becoming a household name all over ireland and beyond through their constant touring and powerful online presence.

With the recent launch of their new website – www.thekilkennys.com - and their Facebook fan page which has reached almost 5,000 fans, The Kilkennys have proved that by taking advantage of the power of the internet and social networking, a band can reach a worldwide audience without major corporate backing.

A recent thread on their Facebook page in which the band asked fans where they are from, proved just how far afield their music has travelled. Fans have joined the page from all over – France, Denmark, Canada, Poland, Manchester, Czech Republic where the band play every year and everywhere from Las Vegas to the hills of Donegal and of course their beloved Kilkenny.  The band have managed to win hearts the world over. Their online record store has sold copies of their current album ‘Meet the Kilkennys’ to fans all over the world.

So what’s next for The Kilkennys? One group of Facebook fans set up an online petition to have the band represent Ireland in the Eurovision and hundreds of foreign fans are doing their best to get the band to play in their countries. However, the band are busy putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming original single ‘Keep your Fires Burning’, which will be released on iTunes and in all good record stores on Dolphin Discs soon.

Their recent tour ‘Fine Girl Ye Are’ which documents the career of the legendary Clancy Brothers and tommy Makem, was a great success for the band. So much so that they are set to perform another selection of dates which will be announced soon.

The band are hoping to finish a full album before the summer is out and this will feature a selection of original tracks and well known Irish ballads recorded in studio and this will also be available online through their website and iTunes and also in all good record stores nationwide.

Keep an eye on www.thekilkennys.com for future announcements, tour dates, video clips and news and join their Facebook fan page for regular updates and chats with the band.



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