Album review: Arc Iris

Thu, Apr 03, 2014

AFTER TWO barely noticed albums in the mid-noughties, Rhode Island folk-rock/indie-folk trio The Low Anthem struck creative gold with 2009’s Oh My God, Charlie Darwin.To hold their own and not be outdone by the considerable shadow cast by Fleet Foxes’ magical debut was some achievement, as was the band’s ability to balance the rabble rousing, beer’n’brawling side of folk, with the genre’s sensitive, introspective, side, showing in the process, an emphatic understanding and love for the heritage of this Hiberno-British-American strain of music.

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Stickies, Provos and the ‘genius’ of Sir Ian Freeland

Thu, Jul 04, 2013

YOU WERE always a great one for your turning points,” one of Samuel Beckett’s characters says. Northern Ireland is similarly a great place for forks in the road after which next to nothing is the same again.

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