Online mornings: five super games to brighten the commute

Have the Smartphones at the ready. Calling all commuters - forget naps, forget boredom, and forget the usual morning blues because there are games out there perfect for commuting.

1 'Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition'

Steampunk and spooky as can be, 'Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition' joins the ranks of gaming’s top-tier survival builders. As a 2D gaunt adventurer dropped into a foreign world, players face off against the seasons, the weather, fearsome creatures, and a supernatural beyond from minute one. Race to collect the materials necessary for survival as the world beyond the screen flashes by one station at a time. There is no time for train or bus seat boredom when hunger knocks urgently at the door. Fun, fast, and full of surprises. This is a game that can be played for hours or for minutes, with pause and save functions available as required.

2. 'Super Casino: Dragons, Tech, and Adventure Source: Pexels'

From the app store to online browsers, whether playing off of 3G or first-class Wi-Fi, 'Super Casino' has a whole lot on offer for any thrill-seeking office bod. A round or two of the online slots is bound to brighten up even the most miserable of days, rainy Mondays included. Less one single game and more of a dozen variations on a theme, these are bets and wagers based around colourful scenery. Dance with dragons, enter The Matrix, or take to the pirate seas all in one morning - the possibilities are endless. Next time boredom strikes, play slots online in the UK at 'Super Casino'.

3. 'Minecraft Pocket Edition'

Another survival epic for phone or tablet, 'Minecraft' is the game that kickstarted an entire genre. Since its days in early alpha this blocky little world has captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations of millions. Players start small, breaking down trees, shovelling dirt, but in just a few car share journeys he/she be king of an entire castle, or an underwater base, or a treehouse, or a subterranean mountain complex complete with Jacuzzi hot tub and cinema. It is all up to the player really, and that is entirely the point.

4. 'New and Old - RuneScape Mobile Source: Social Media via Runescape Mobile on Facebook'

Penned for a 2018 release, RuneScape Mobile is one commuter game every player will definitely want to be keeping an eye on in the coming months. With versions for both the modern game and its noughties predecessor, gamers can relive his/her dial up childhoods one cow killing, fishing, or woodcutting trip at a time. Grind away the hours, build the XP, see a character grow. A real classic, with both free to play and membership models for those who are really keen.

5. 'Hearthstone Decks'

'The World of Warcraft' took to the cards table in March of 2014 and has not looked back since. If a gamer fan of 'Blizzard' in general, there is a pretty good chance he/she will enjoy this title whether the gamer is a total newbie or grizzled veteran of the scene. Every match is a puzzle, every new card an opportunity. With expansions and patches that revolutionise balance, the meta is never the same for long.

Whatever the genre, whatever a gamer's interests, there are mobile games out there for everyone. Online or offline, with a friend, or by oneself, there has never been a better time to commute.



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