Poor Clares’ fun in the snow goes viral

Sisters sheltering from the snow under the the trees.

Sisters sheltering from the snow under the the trees.

The exitement generated by the snow last week was not just confined to the delighted children who had days off school, but it also extended to the order of the Poor Clares on Nuns Island.

The sisters wrapped up and went out in the gardens to build a snow sculture, fling snowballs and make sure that the birds were fed — and pictures of their fun posted on their Facebook page went around the world. They were featured on the BBC social media pages as news of the Irish nuns playing in the snow went global in hours.

Speaking to the Advertiser last evening, Abbess Sr Colette said that it was the beauty of the nature that brought them out.

‘The fun we had over the few days just seemed natural. St Francis was known for his love of nature and there are stories told of how he rolled in the snow.

“We so seldom have snow in Galway, it was energising to revel in it and we were happy to share the fun with our Facebook friends.’

“We got off fairly lightly here in Galway city but we were following the situation as it was unfolding in the rest of the country and praying especially for those living alone and the elderly and those helping them.

“Weather events like this are really hard on people but they can bring out the best in people too. It’s lovely to see how people club together to help each other. So many people got in touch with us to make sure that we had everything we needed.’

‘Sr Catherine is particularly caring of the small birds in our garden and was out shovelling around the trees to make sure there was snow-free space for the ground feeding birds to forage and she kept the bird-feeders filled as well’. There’s definitely a few blackbirds and finches flying around out there today who owe their lives to her,” she joked.

For young women interested in the Poor Clare vocation the sisters are hosting a Cloister Day on Saturday April 21 2018 from 10am to 5pm. To book a place contact: [email protected]



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