How to deal with moss issues

Having had such a wet summer and early autumn, lawns may be riddled with moss more so than ever.

The ideal time is rapidly approaching to address these moss issues, not only targeting the moss itself, but more importantly the cause of it, according to lawn treatment company Greenhand.

"Ideally a winter dressing and moss control should be applied to the lawn heading into winter. If necessary, lawn scarification is another process that should be considered," they say.

It is the build up of surface thatch which creates a moisture rich environment. This thatch layer forms a barrier, trapping moisture and creating the perfect conditions for moss to thrive. Scarification is the mechanical break up and removal of the thatch layer while at the same time ventilating the roots of the grass to aid healthy growth in the coming spring.

A professional scarifying machine is driven over the whole surface of the lawn, cutting into and breaking up the thatch and moss. The resulting waste is then removed from the lawn to be put on your compost heap to rot away.

A professional lawn treatment company, such as Greenhand, will examine the lawn and establish the depth of the surface thatch and its overall condition. If there is excessive thatch, scarification may be recommended.

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