SuperSubs Food for Life

It is tough being a modern man, woman, or young person. Twenty first century life moves at a frenetic pace. It is unrecognisable from the pace of life that existed a generation ago. We communicate and consume in completely different ways. In the pre-mobile phone era, we all knew training was on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm and that the game was on after Mass on Sunday. We all knew instinctively that lifts would be available if required, and knew exactly who was going in what cars. A lot of things were pre-planned because they had to be. This included meal time. A striking feature of modern times is that an increasing amount of meal times are classed as meals-on-the-go. The challenge here is to strike a balance between a busy, active lifestyle and getting the necessary nutrition on board that helps to sustain it.

The Food for Life Range from SuperSubs does just that. The range includes a selection of soups, subs, and salad boxes. Did you ever wonder what the benefits of vine tomatoes were? Or how having a good night’s sleep helps your work life balance? What do magnesium and omega 3 do to help you with your daily routine, or what are the most natural ways of getting anti-oxidants or anti-inflammatories into your daily food intake? The Food for Life range shows that it possible to do so using a balanced mix of light subs, soups, and salads. SuperSubs has recently teamed up with nutritionist Sinéad Bradbury to try and increase awareness of the importance of a healthy body to a healthy mind and, more importantly, how can you get all these vital ingredients for a healthy lifestyle into a busy daily routine where food on the move is playing a bigger part in how we consume our meals throughout the day. SuperSubs is available in selected Supermac's throughout Galway and the Food for Life range is proving to be a popular addition to the variety of choice that the group of family restaurants provides.

The soups in the Food for Life range are homemade locally by Johnny Curley using 100 per cent fresh vegetables and delivered fresh daily to the stores. It is low calorie and nutritious and is a favourite of Sineád’s as a way of getting essential nutrients into the body in a manner that is both light and filling. The new salad box is certainly a filler-upper – a bed of cous cous with chickpea, red onion, vine ripened cherry tomato, beetroot, dried cranberries, rocket, and mixed seeds, with chargrilled chicken or Cajun breast strips or feta cheese, all handsomely presented in a cardboard container that would look perfectly at home at a trendy food truck at Electric Picnic. Priced at €5.95, you can tuck in feeling healthy, vindicated, and smug, perfectly bridging that difficult transition between a sit-down meal and a stop gap. While other lunchtime sandwiches are made in a central kitchen in Dublin and distributed by delivery van to chiller cabinets in shops and petrol stations, the SuperSub sandwich is assembled in front of you with pre-weighed ingredients. All meats, cheese, and vegetables are freshly prepared daily and caters for customers who may be coeliac or gluten intolerant, with calories for each item clearly printed in the leaflet. This is the Supermac’s way. Supermac's is committed to the support of Irish farmers and the company’s spend spans across a wide range of producers including chicken, dairy, and vegetables, and the company is also rolling out a plan to replace frozen beef and chicken products with fresh in all of its restaurants. Good news for the 320,000 customers who walk through the doors of Supermac’s restaurants every week. Good quality ingredients.

Training was always at 7.30. The match was always after Mass. It was 15 v 15 and we all went to Supermac’s afterwards. Consistency was something you could count on in the years gone by. Life changes but you can count on the Food for Life range to be fresh, nutritious, and consistent.



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