Lottery Winners: The Weird & The Wonderful.

Winning the lottery makes people feel a lot of things, and one of them is absolutely ecstatic, almost like they've, well, won the lottery. It's the ultimate dream for many of us, and it's something we tend to talk about a lot - even if we don't play it.

Of course, we can't win the lottery if we're not even entering, so we've put together a little inspiration. In the meantime, you can play lottery here while you check out exactly what previous lucky people have done with their winnings!

You Could Build A Water Park

John and Linda Kutey in the states decided that the dream-come-true scenario of winning the lottery just wasn't enough, so they decided to build a water park and make another dream come true, too. Granted, it was just a splash park, but it still looks like a really fun place to play, no matter your age. They donated $200,000 from their $28.7 million dollar winnings; so they still had plenty left over!

"Splash Park" (CC BY-SA 2.0 ) by histrel

You Could Make Political Donations

These days, politics are all the rage (and, fair play, they do affect the world around us ). However, some people are really, really dedicated to the cause, to the point that they give large sums of their lottery money to the party of their choice. One Janite Lee gave a "considerable amount" to America's Democratic party in 1993. We're not sure it's advisable to try this one at home, though - she went bankrupt shortly after!

You Could Travel The World

Now you're talking! Travel is on so many people's bucket lists, but we're often out priced and it's just not financially viable. Across the pond, Nigel Willets was a pub landlord who literally won the opportunity to go a little further than the local, winning a cool £1 million GBP in 2014. He didn't just want the experience for himself, though. He treated 13 family members to a trip to Florida, and he's also been to Mexico and Dubai as well. He's got plans to see more places, including Las Vegas... and then who knows?!

"Dubai Sunset" (CC BY 2.0 ) by the_dead_pixel

You Could Be Smart

If you won the lottery, splashing out would be understandable - but you could also be clever, too. Countless people win and decide that they're going to get more for their money, and it's a great idea. Seek financial advice (after all, if you're a winner, you can afford it now... ), and get a great accountant, too.

Of course, think about what you might want to invest in. Property is often a wise choice because you can often sell the house for more than you paid for it. Plus, you may be able to collect a rental income on the property - or properties - even when living elsewhere. There are lots of considerations on this matter, but providing you do your research, it can work very well.

So, what would you do if you won? As with most things in life, balance seems to be everything. Have a little fun, but be sensible about it as well... if it ever happens, that is!



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