Take the pain out of holiday packing

Packing is the one headache that comes with going on holiday. You can spend hours shoehorning half your wardrobe into your suitcase, and still to find nothing you actually want to wear when you arrive.

So how do you take the stress out of packing? This is the one time of year that it pays to be obsessive about clothes — we're talking lists and planning.

Make a list

OK, so it sounds a little boring, but idiot-proof lists are the gateway to a stress-free holiday. Separate your essentials from your desirables, and be realistic with your luggage limitations.

Reduce the shoes

Forget about heels — this is your holiday, leave the hard work shoes at home. Bring a pair of wedges if you really cannot bear to wear flats all week, but even those don't fare well on cobbled streets and beaches. Strive Footwear has a collection of orthotic shoes that look great and are super stylish so your feet are as happy as you are.

Keep on rolling

Rolling your clothes really is the only way to go. Not only will it reduce those pesky wrinkles and creases in your gear, it will save you some much needed suitcase space. Roll your clothes to maximise space and to minimise creasing. Look for clothes that are crease proof.

Pack a denim shirt rather than a kaftan

Opt for a denim shirt — great for the flight and it works well as a beach cover-up.

All valuables go in hand luggage

It is rare that airlines lose luggage these days, but why take the risk? Stay safe and stow all your expensive luxuries – from your camera to your diamond engagement ring – in hand luggage. Liberty bags are light, compact, and are so visible, you cannot lose sight of it.

Dresses are your best friend

Take a relaxed, loose style to wear during the day, and a party dress because you never know where the night will take you. Dresses are easy to pack and do not require any extra thought.

Take your favourite pieces

This is the not the time to consider bringing that skirt you bought six months ago, but have not worn yet. Pack your trustiest, best loved, wardrobe pieces. You want to feel at your happiest and most comfortable.

Pack a mini wardrobe in your hand luggage

Not literally, of course, but it is always a nice idea to add a clean set of underwear and a garment in your carry-on bag, in case of your luggage being lost in an aeroplane mix-up. Do not forget a spare pair of sunglasses in here too. Lost glasses are a headache, literally. Gionni ticks the box in terms of UV protection and price.

Don’t predict the weather – check it

Depending on where you are going, weather forecasts are either your holiday’s best friend or biggest foe. Come rain or shine, meteorologists will always give you the best idea of what weather to expect on your holiday. Check the day before you fly and pack accordingly, and save room for that trusty pac-a-mac or umbrella you hope you will never have to use.

Don’t leave home without the essentials

This tip is a big one as, without these necessities, you will not be heading anywhere but home: check and check again that you have your money, a valid passport and – for the sake of your holiday companions – a toothbrush. Keep these all on hand and then you will be able to remember the most important thing… enjoy your holiday!



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