John Jennings' Q.R.KEY exhibition

A detail from a work by John Jennings.

A detail from a work by John Jennings.

QR CODES - the little black and white boxes on the bottom of adverts and billboards - are a common sight, but while they are mostly an advertising tool, one Galway artist uses them for his art.

Q.R.KEY, an exhibition by John Jennings, is running in the PorterShed, Eyre Square. QR codes work via a scanner on a phone that links to a website or a product online. John has now done the same with his work. "This is the third time I used QR codes to exhibit art, I display the codes instead of a picture and viewers scan the code to see the art," he said.

However, realising that people might be a bit hasty about scanning unseen images into their phone, John has placed a preview image beside the code "so you know what you're getting into before you scan". The images, of course, are John's usual style of manga type characters and quirky images.

Q.R.KEY runs until February 16.



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