Make home improvement your New Year's resolution

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The New Year has arrived and with it resolutions of self improvement will be made and broken within the first week of January. However, why not make an achievement New Year's resolution by treating yourself and your home to a makeover.

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your homestead and get it looking slick for 2017. Here are the's top three tips for your home's New Year's resolution.

1 Lose weight (de-clutter )

Every house has items which have overstayed their welcome; the clutter has to go. Freeing up space can provide you with a more comfortable living environment or even allow you the opportunity to purchase something new.

But how to de-clutter you ask? There is an abundance of removal companies who will remove unwanted effects from your property making the task of getting rid of goods easy. However, for those who cannot bare the thought of being separated with a piece of property, there are storage services which enables you to get rid of clutter from your home and store it at an offsite location. Simple.

2 New wardrobe (painting and decorating )

A new set of clothes can improve anyone's appearance and the same can be said for a house. A lick of paint on the walls and doors can really transform your dwelling into a cosy, welcoming pad. And if you are happy with the inside, why not fix up the garden. A landscaping job can give you your own tranquil get away from the stresses and strains of working life.

3 Drink less (curbs home water use )

With the introduction of water charges inevitable, why not modernise your water system by installing new toilets or showers. High-efficiency toilets use compressed air and electric water pumps to flush with less than one gallon of water; older models may required up to eight gallons. The investment now could save you in the long run.

So there you have it; three ways to get your home feeling and looking better in 2017.

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