Red Bird Youth Arts Collective seeks new members

Call to be part of the only youth led visual art group in Ireland

GALWEGIANS AGED between 15 and 23 and who are interested in either filmmaking, or a drawing and hip hop collaboration, should check out the new projects from the Red Bird Youth Collective.

Red Bird is the Galway Arts Centre’s visual art collective for, and led by, young people, and it begins 2017 with a variety of new projects. The first will involve a film project with Louise Manifold. The group will explore and rework found material, such as old film, old objects, mixtapes, and computer data. Of particular significance is the use of codes, symbols and language.

The second project, in collaboration with Adrian Duncan, will create a bus tour of Galway county that focuses on 'Bungalow Bliss' style houses, their designs, aspect, and precedents on the land. An audio guide and information map will accompany the tour, along with a series of print workshops that re-evaluate the aesthetic and construction of these houses.

There will also be a six week project with dancer and teacher Genevieve Ryan, looking at how visual art and dance, particularly drawing and hip hop, can intersect and create something new.

There is no fee to become a member of the collective. To join and for more information contact [email protected] or call 091 - 565886 or call into the Galway Arts Centre on Dominick Street between 4pm and 6pm on Thursday January 12.



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