Top tips for buying or selling a property

If you are planning to buy or sell a property, RG Emerson solicitors can help. The company offers the following advice for people who are buying and selling property to a smooth transaction.


Negotiate with various lending institutions for your loan so you know how much you can offer to secure a purchase. Make sure you can obtain life cover.

Engage your solicitor and agree his/her fee. When buying at an auction, make sure your solicitor has had time to investigate the title. The property is sold when the hammer falls and you do not want to buy “a pig in a poke”.

Employ an engineer to survey the property prior to signing contracts. You will need to be satisfied on matters such as planning, identity, water supply, sewage service, and access.

Your solicitor needs your PPS number, photo ID, a utility bill, and a copy of your State marriage certificate if you are married.


Instruct your auctioneer and solicitor and agree their fee. Give both an inventory of contents and your preferred closing date.

Your solicitor may need time to obtain title deeds from a lending institution so that these can be inspected and prepared for sale.

Your solicitor needs your PPS number, photo ID, a utility bill, a copy of your State marriage certificate, BER certificate, LPT receipt, NPPR clearance certificate, water charges receipt, and service charge receipt.

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