Exhibition of an artist's year on Salthill prom

Detail from a work by Geraldine Folan which will be shown at her new exhibition.

Detail from a work by Geraldine Folan which will be shown at her new exhibition.

FOR THE past year, August 2015 to Aug 2016, I have been painting on the Prom in Salthill, in all types of weather, at all times of day and at night. My motivation was to capture images of the Prom not often represented in the various media, but at the same time real and in the moment.

The immediacy and the multi-sensorial experience also added so much to this durational project. The camera and my own eye see such totally different views. The colours and the perspective, and the overall emotional experience, are all so different when painting on the spot. Added to that, there is the interaction with the Prom-walkers and their perspective and opinions on what I am painting.

During the course of this project, I shared my working process online using Facebook and www.GeraldineFolan.com I posted a blog written immediately on my return from each outing to the Prom. This blog explains why, where and how I selected my painting that day. This has enabled me to link up with those at home and abroad who identify with the Prom, and to give a unique insight into the challenges and preparation for the work.

Throughout this exhibition in the Connacht Print Works, Market Street, there will be a video running which documents a walk along the Prom in real time. The 45 minute video will run on a loop and was filmed in three to five minute intervals along the Prom, from South Park to Gentian Hill, over the year and over 24 hours, in all weathers. The video will run daily in the gallery.

The exhibition will be opened by Tom Kenny and run from Thursday September 15 to Sunday 25, 11am to 7pm. As part of Culture night (September 16 ), Geraldine will host a reception and give a talk on this project in the gallery at 7pm.



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