The Clockworks - new single and Seven show

The Clockworks.

The Clockworks.

"WAKING UP the next morning/Her face is not the same face/The one he fell for on the dancefloor's a smudge on a pillow case...out before she knows/Who says chivalry is dead?"

The opening verse of 'Girls Like You' - the debut single from Galway band The Clockworks - is a short story in lyric form depicting a squalid one night stand and the less then admirable adventures of a right cad, who is "a knob, he's a slag, we all know he'll still brag to all the boys when he's home".

Not many songs take men to task for this kind of behaviour so it's refreshing to hear a song like this. Musically this is a tidy slice of quiet/loud Britpop, with audible traces of Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. The single comes out on July 2 and can be pre-ordered from iTunes.

The Clockworks - Londoner James McGregor with Galwegians Seán Connelly and Damian Greaney - have declared their mission as “write decent ‘band songs’ about everyday life” (Connelly ) “and to headline Glastonbury with them” (Greaney ). They will also play The Loft, Seven, tomorrow, along with Oh Boland and Slow Riot for a charity gig in aid of Oxfam Ireland.



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