Yo!Fit – an inspirational partnership

Combining strength work, cardio fitness training, stretching, and mindfulness, new all-in-one exercise concept Yo!Fit is both unique and inspirational.

Equally inspirational is the partnership between the two Galway businesswomen who created this cutting-edge, custom-designed class, which unites the best of personal training and yoga.

Personal trainer Sarah Thornton and yoga teacher Laragh Cunningham combined their wealth of professionalism, as well as their knowledge and passion for health and wellbeing, to create Yo!Fit.

Both Ms Cunningham, who owns The Yoga Shala for 13 years, and Ms Thornton, who established Sarah Thornton Personal Training nine years ago, share an understanding of how difficult it can be to balance mental wellbeing and physical fitness with a demanding lifestyle. “We both juggle running our own businesses with busy home lives, and we both have young children. We know how hard it can be to fit caring for your own wellbeing and fitness into your week. This is where Yo!Fit can help, and we bring all of our personal and professional experience to our teaching,” explained Laragh Cunningham.

“As our friendship grew we realised that we shared the same views on how the fitness industry was moving and what people needed from their exercise. We saw a gap in the market for a class that combines our expertise. Our different fitness approaches helps give the right balance to the class,” added Sarah Thornton.

Yo!Fit integrates strengthening, stretching, and high intensity interval cardio training, all with an emphasis on building self-awareness.

For more information on Yo!Fit and to book your class, go to www.yofit.ie

Yo!Fit classes start next week in Ocean Fitness at the Salthill Hotel.

For information and booking see www.yofit.ie



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