Feel the yellow in crystal healing at Amber

Crystal healing is based on the crystals having natural healing frequencies that can be activated to contribute to moving or balancing energy around them. With chakra stones the vibrational signature of each crystal corresponds or resonates with the specific chakra you wish to work on.

You may use intention and the intuition to activate the healing power of the stones. Energy is channelled and magnified through the crystal; this then resonates with the vibration of frequency of the chakra you are working on, allowing the energy travelling through the chakra to move correctly.

The solar plexus, chakra 3, is located between the breast plate and navel area. Associated with the colour yellow, it promotes confidence, humour, personal power, authority, laughter, and warmth. This chakra gives us a sense of identity and personality. When the heart chakra is blocked, more than likely this chakra becomes blocked also. There are many crystals to be used for this chakra, yellow calcite, citrine, yellow topaz, and yellow tiger’s eye. When this chakra is blocked we notice poor digestion, slow metabolism, gut problems, and adnominal pains.

When doing crystal healing, placing the selected stones around the navel area in a circle helps to promote the natural cycle of the digestion system. If you are sensitive to energies during healing sessions or clairvoyant work, wearing a crystal belt around your stomach with protection crystals is very useful and it stops you taking on other people’s energies, especially with heavy energy sessions. To build your own true identity and power, tiger’s eye is key to open this chakra and vibrate to it fullest. Keeping it in your lower pockets or wearing on a lower chain closest to the chakra is important.

A crystal salt lamp is excellent for this chakra. Crystals are wonderful tools to aid us with aligning, opening, and clearing our chakras. Remember to always cleanse and charge your crystals after use, they need attention also. When picking your crystal for your chakra your intuition is very important to use and listen to what your body needs look for the signs, you have the power to keep your soul, body, and mind in check.

All crystals are available in Amber, 18 Mary Street.



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