Toyota initiates a Yaris recall

Toyota Ireland has confirmed the recall of certain Yaris cars manufactured between June 2005 and April 2007.

It says that due to Toyota's commitment to customer satisfaction, Toyota Motor Corporation will initiate a recall/special service campaign to remove the pillar pad from both sides of the centre pillar on certain vehicles .

Toyota tells us that owners of the involved vehicles will receive a campaign notification by post this month. Toyota dealers will remove both pillar pads from the centre pillar. The removal will be performed at no cost to vehicle owners and should take no longer than 40 minutes.

Installed in the vehicles concerned, underneath the front seatbelt retractor with pyrotechnic pretensioner, is a sound insulator located at the bottom of the centre pillar. There is a possibility the sound insulator may become damaged by the high temperature gas generated from the seat belt pretensioner when it is activated in the event of a crash. In the event of a collision, the front seat belts are quickly drawn back by the seat belt pretensioners to provide effective restraint to the front seat occupants, the cause of the condition is the improper position of centre pillar sound insulator.

The total number of vehicles affected worldwide is 1,279,693 of which 388,870 are in Europe, with 9,841 vehicles in Ireland. There have only been two cases reported worldwide; none in Europe, but Toyota has decided to implement the recall campaign.



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