Lorraine Higgins calls on Sinn Fein to persuade IRA to give its fortune to those who suffered at its hands

Senator Lorraine Higgins today said that Sinn Fein should use whatever influence it has with the IRA to ensure that monies left over when they allegedly disbanded is distributed to deserving causes both in Northern Ireland and the Rep of Ireland.

She said that it is plausible to assume that IRA accounts were in the black when they alleged they disbanded and this “really begs the question as to where the money has gone.|

“If it is still on account, then now is the time to convey they have moved on from their past and distribute it to deserving causes north and South, “ Senator Higgins said.

“In particular, SF should assist in this process and make their case to the IRA to ensure that those suffering at the hands of republicans and their families, particularly those who have been disappeared, the high profile sex abuse cases, the punishment beatings and so on, should be recompensed for the injury, distress and suffering they have endured at the hands of so called republicans.

“Furthermore, they should ensure that adequate support services are put in place for these victims and their families into the future.

“Crocodile tears do little to compensate people who have suffered at the hands of those involved in punishment beatings and child abusers who then suffered the ignominy of cooperating in a parallel justice system or kangaroo court with no recourse to natural justice for the victims who are drawn into being complicit in crimes that were perpetrated on them in the first place.

“It is imperative that SF introduce an ex gratia scheme to financially assist victims with the supports necessary to deal with the heinous crimes perpetrated against them. The lack of verbal or financial support from the republican movement, the IRA and SF,  for people like Mairia Cahill, Paudie McGahon and the Quinn family is a poor reflection of how much they really care about them when they find the time and energy to express utter outrage at micro and macro economic issues. The old adage “I see humans but no humanity” rings true,” she concluded.



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