City businesses encouraged to send a school to Baboró event

Inside Amococo. Photo:- Richard Osborn.

Inside Amococo. Photo:- Richard Osborn.

The Spanish Arch is possibly Galway city’s most iconic structure, but it is set to become even more eye-catching when reimagined with a spectacular inflatable structure.

This is Amococo, a one-of-a-kind sensory experience of light, colour, sound, and design, which is part of the Baboró International Children’s Festival, which runs from October 11 to 19.

Amococo will be open to all, but Baboró is inviting schools to visit the structure as part of the festival’s ‘Culture For Schools’ initiative, where individuals or businesses can send an entire school, class, or group, to a Baboró event. Prices range from €100 to €1,000 and the school or group then sends a note home to inform parents their child is going to a Baboró event due to the generosity of the particular sponsor.

For more information on this initiative contact Baboró’s general manager, Teenagh Cunningham on 091 - 562667 or [email protected].



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