Stop rat running in Renmore before school starts says McDonnell

Having community wardens or gardaí out each day at peak traffic hours trying to stop rat running is impractical. Instead a permanent barrier at the Renmore Park junction is what is needed.

This is the view of PD Cllr Declan McDonnell who is calling on the Galway City Council to proceed with the next phase of curtailing rat running through the Renmore estates.

While Cllr McDonnell welcomed the first phase of the works, he said that unless the second and third phase works are implemented “before September 1 when the schools re-open, things could return to the way they were in the past”.

He said: “Unless the Lurgan Park and the Corrib Great Southern roundabout area is tackled now, we will have wasted an opportunity to give the people of Murrough and Renmore some quality of life and enable them to get out of their houses in the morning.”

Cllr McDonnell will be writing to Ciarán Hayes, the council’s director of transport and infrastructure to put in place phase two. This will involve the erection of a barrier from the roundabout at the Corrib Great Southern to the last entrance at Lurgan Park, similar to those in place at the Headford Road roundabout.’

“This will force cars coming off the Dublin Road some inconvenience and may force them, which would be right and proper, to stay on the main road,” he said.

The Galway City East councillor is also calling for signs on the approaches to the roundabout indicating there will be delays and that the Renmore estate is not a main road. He is also calling on the council to complete the yellow boxes on all of the roundabout in the city to improve the traffic flow



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