New TaxSaver ticket scheme offers saving for commuters and employers

Cash-strapped commuters can avail of unlimited bus travel around the city (including weekends and evenings ) for as little as €5.89 a week by acquiring a TaxSaver commuter ticket.

To secure a TaxSaver ticket, workers simply need to find out if their workplace is registered to participate in the TaxSaver Scheme; if not, their company will need to complete the registration process. Employers can also secure PRSI savings of up to 10.75 per cent by participating in the TaxSaver scheme. Once a workplace is registered, it will need to purchase the TaxSaver ticket on behalf of its employee(s ). Employees will then need to provide photo ID prior to being issued with a TaxSaver ticket by the relevant service provider.

Employees can pay for the ticket by fixed deductions from salary, which is agreed in advance with their employer. Employees can also avail of the cash bonus or benefit in kind options available via the TaxSaver Scheme by checking out or for further information.

Galway Transportation Unit, NUI, Galway, Galway University Hospital, An Taisce Green Schools, and the Galway Healthy Cities initiative are collaborating to induce greater uptake of sustainable travel among workers, students, and schoolchildren residing, in particular, in the Westside area of the city.

“The opening of the new Westside bus lanes, the 15 minute bus service, the cut price bus tickets on offer via the TaxSaver Scheme, the new bus shelters, and the rollout of real time bus scheduling means that it is now much faster, cheaper, and more reliable to travel by bus,” said Joe Tansey, head of Galway Transportation Unit. “Working cooperatively with our partners, we are inviting members of the public to look anew at the improved bus services delivering reduced journey times available on their doorstep.”

Galway Transportation Unit welcomes feedback from members of the public who have recently switched to bus, biking, or walking to work, school or college. You can email your comments to [email protected]



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