Cloonboo Mobile Tyre Centre offers a ‘one-of-kind service’ service

A mobile tyre fittting service is being offered by Cloonboo Mobile Tyre Centre in Galway.

The service is designed to take the stress out of replacing tyres by providing a mobile service that will travel to the customer througout Galway city and surrounds.

Proprietor Francis Melia, with more than 14 years tyre fitting experience, says the mobile centre suits people who have a busy lifestyle.

“It’s a personal and efficient service and is also very competitively priced,” he says.

Tyres, he says, are probably one of the most overlooked components on the car.

“Considering that when driving the tyres are the only contact with the road, it is alarming how little attention is paid to them.

“Tyres perform several significant functions. Tyres support the weight of the vehicle, transmit acceleration and braking forces, change the vehicle’s direction, and absorb irregularities in the road surface. Considering the forces involved, even with the smallest of road cars, tyres perform a considerable task every time you get in your vehicle and go on a journey. They are not just black and round.”

Cloonboo Mobile Tyre Centre is “a one-of-kind service” that means drivers will not have to travel to have their tyres replaced, but the centre will come to travel to the client “during work hours, at your home, your workplace, or the roadside”.

Francis Melia says all customers need to do is text him with their tyre size, and tell him where and when, Monday to Friday.

In addition to the mobile service, Francis Melia also offers an evening service from his base in Cloonboo, half a mile from Regan’s Bar, from 7pm to 10pm Monday to Friday.

“It is probably one of the only tyre centres in the city surrounds to offer such a service. It proves very convenient for those who cannot get there during the day, and who are not under time pressure in the evenings.”

Cloonboo Mobile Tyre Centre stock tyres for car, van, and 4x4.

For more information, contact Cloonboo Mobile Tyre Centre, Cloonboo, Corrandulla, Co Galway, 0870563300 or 091 793015 (after 5.30pm ).



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