Galway success Babógbaby gets his own app for Seachtain na Gaeilge

Especially for Seachtain na Gaeilge, Babógbaby affectionately known as BB brings us his very own BB app for the iphone, ipad and itouch where it has the same function of the actual teddybear.

The BB Irish speaking app teaches toddlers and children 33 words of Irish and while it says the sound it also shows the word. The app has numbers, colours and shapes replicating the actual bear. The BB app costs just .79c and is available in the itunes store under Babóg Baby.

Commenting on the success so far, owner and creator Adrian Devane from Bábógbaby said, “I am over the moon with the interest in our BB bear in 2010 since we launched in October. I am so excited about this year with new products coming on stream later in the year. BB will also be available for next Christmas in at least 4 more languages including Welsh, Scots Gaeilic and English. The response has been beyond all expectations with BB bears now living and spreading the Irish language in Alaska, New York, Sydney, Frankfurt and Beijing.”

This Irish success story has already won a Gold Award in the electronic toy category at the Practical Pre-school Awards and the Best Cuddly Bear award at the Toy Talk Awards, both in the UK. Meanwhile here in Ireland, Adrian himself recently won the Maternity and Infant Business Parent of the Year 2010.

This multi-award-winning cuddly and colourful teddy bear teaches toddlers and children 33 words in Irish. BB has bright buttons to press, and in response the teddy speaks the friendly-sounding Irish words for basic numbers, colours and shapes. For those anxious to say hello to BB, you can get acquainted with the teddybear on the interactive website, where toddlers, young children – and adults! – can meet BB. BB is also available to buy online for €29.99 plus postage and packaging or from Smyth’s Toys, Arnotts, Mothercare, Ken Black Toys, selected World of Wonder stores, Art & Hobby, BellaBaby, selected Toymaster and other outlets across the country.

The teddy is the brainchild of new children’s toy company, Bábógbaby Limited, based in Moycullen, Co. Galway. Adrian Devane set up Bábógbaby in early 2010 to provide tools and toys for toddlers, children and parents to learn those first cúpla focal.

“I saw a gap in the market when, after having our first child, my wife Karen and I noticed there were lots of toys available but none that spoke or taught Irish,” says Adrian. “So I investigated what was out there, took apart a few teddies and discovered how it all works! Next up was to design a teddy that ‘spoke’ about 30 words. I decided the words should be for numbers, colours and shapes, and with my designer here in Galway we created our teddy bear BB. I recorded my four-year-old daughter Robyn saying the words and after months of changes and improvements we arrived with a BB that we are all very happy with.”

“We live in the Gaeltacht and we want to speak more Irish at home, and have our daughters, Robyn(4 ) and Romy(3 months ), speak it,” he continues.

In April Babógbaby will attend the pregnancy and baby fair on April 9 and 10 in the RDS.

You can also check in on BB via Facebook – just search for Babogbaby or follow him @babogbaby on twitter.

Adrian worked for 12 years at Ardmore studios in film and TV production working alongside Christian Bale, Matthew McConnaghey, Clive Owen and Mel Gibson on films like Reign of Fire, King Arthur and Apocalypto.



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