Jamie Lawson - positive contradictions

Jamie Lawson.

Jamie Lawson.

JAMIE LAWSON is something of a contradiction. In person he is shy and quiet but on stage he is a maelstrom of emotion and honesty.

The English singer-songwriter was born and raised in Plymouth, Devon, and his earliest musical loves were The Smiths and The Jackson 5. Another contradictory pairing but one that instilled a love of melody in him and led him to explore Jeff Buckley, Mark Eitzel, and Radiohead.

The inspiration of these artists and the urge to create his own music led him to quit his photography course, move to London, and recorded three EPs - This Radiator’s Bleeding, The Kitchen Songs, and The Small Wish. While performing in Ireland he was approached by distributor RMG to put out a full-length album. This became Last Night Stars which was released through his own Allotment Recordings label.

Since then he has released a second album, Listening For The Quiet, and played support to The Frames, Mundy, Damien Rice, Tom McRae, Katie Melua, and Van Morrison.

Jamie Lawson plays the Róisín Dubh this Saturday at 9pm. Tickets are available from the Róisín Dubh and www.roisindubh.net



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