Yourodny - a bit of Russia, Ireland, and New York

THE YOURODNY were the nomadic bards of ancient Russia who collected, preserved, and created the folk music of that country.

The name has now been taken by a highly talented group of Irish, Italian, and Russian folk and classical musicians, whose music ranges from Balkan rhythms, to jazz improvisation, to New York’s downtown scene.

The Yourodny ensemble are Oleg Ponomarev, Cora Venus Lunny, Adrian Hart, Kate Ellis, Nick Roth, Colm O’Hara, Francesco Turrisi, Dave Redmond, and Phil MacMullan.

They are coming to Co Galway as part of this year’s Galway Arts Festival and will play Campbell’s Tavern, Cloughanover, Headford, on Thursday July 15 at 9pm.

Tickets are available from the festival box office, Galway Tourist Office, Forster Street, and



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