Packing for your tropical honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon can be a tricky part of your wedding plans. You want to have something appropriate to wear for each occasion, whether it is a romantic walk on the beach, dining in a nice restaurant, or a casual island adventure. I have put together a list of must-have items to pack for your tropical honeymoon.

How much you bring and what you pack will depend on the length and location of your honeymoon, but it is important to bring clothes that you feel comfortable in as well as clothes that make you feel good.

Dresses are probably the easiest and more versatile items to bring on your honeymoon. This cute pink dress from Jesire is perfect to wear on the shopping day. Wear it with a sun hat and sandals, and add a white belt to clinch your waist. You can also wear it at dinner time with strapped sandals and a little clutch bag, and add some sparkle with some jewellery.

On a hot day try this tunic dress by Saint Martins. Wear it with a headscarf and gladiator sandals and sunglasses. Bring a full length cardigan to add extra glam in the evening. A tunic dress is also fab to wear over your bikini to get from the beach to the bar in style.

I have also selected this little number from New Look, great to wear day or evening with your comfy wedges.

Often when packing, we find we are limited by the available space in our bags. Cut down on extras by bringing a few accessories that will go with most of your clothes. Try to bring statement accessories such as scarves, chandelier earrings, and long necklaces. They will easily be matched with your dresses or tops and trousers.

A pair of trousers with matching tops are also great must-have. Limit yourself to two pairs of cotton or linen pants, in white or a natural tone, or a very lightweight denim.

Shorts or skirts are as good as trousers and can be very stylish worn with matching items. Try a cotton shorts with a full length chiffon coloured top and wear it with flat shoes.

When it comes to beach wear, you will probably want to take at least two swimsuits. This way you can alternate them. If you are a bikini wearer, consider getting two of the mix and match styles so you can get four looks out of two suits. And don’t forget to bring a kaftan or tunic to wear over your bikini or swimsuit.

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