Fertility doctor refused to treat unmarried couple, Medical Council is told

The Irish Medical Council has investigated a complaint made by a couple that a doctor, who runs a fertility clinic in Galway, refused to treat them because they were not married.

According to reports, Dr Phil Boyle runs a specilist fertility practice at Galway Clinic, Doughiska, which is Catholic hospital.

Dr Boyle had been contacted by the couple who were seeking to undergo a treatment offered by him called napro technology which is fully compatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church on assisted human reproduction. However, the couple claimed that Dr Boyle refused to treat them because of his belief that only married couples should have children.

Dr Boyle was summoned before the Irish Medical Council’s Fitness to Practice Committee last week on a charge of professional misconduct.

Following an enquiry the committee acquitted Dr Boyle. However the couple can still take their case to the Equality Authority on the grounds that Dr Boyle is in breach of the Equal Status Act. If successful there the couple could also take their case to the Supreme Court



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