The show goes on for The Saw Doctors celebration

Solid ground — pitch the tent here lads.

Solid ground — pitch the tent here lads.

Despite a changes of venue, an objection, and a court case, The Saw Doctors will finally be able to celebrate their 20th anniversary concerts in Salthill this weekend, in the grounds of Coláiste Éinde secondary school.

There were concerns this week that the Saw Doctors concerts might not go ahead. The shows were planned for Salthill Park but the preparations and staging of the recent Guinness Hurling Cubed event, coupled with consistent bad weather, left the park in an unsuitable state to hold a concert in the immediate future.

As a result, a change of venue was needed. Saw Doctors’ manager Ollie Jennings approached Coláiste Éinde in Threadneedle Road with a view to staging the concert. The school has a number of playing pitches and enjoys the largest grounds of any school in the city.

The school gave permission for the use of the lands and Mr Jennings consulted with local residents seeking their permission also. Locals were enthusiastic about the shows and even asked for tickets.

Mr Jennings had secured the event licence and the Garda and fire service were satisfied with the various arrangements. However one local resident was adamant the show should not go ahead and the matter ended up in court.

However the judge ruled that she could see no reason for the concerts not to go ahead and that she had not been given sufficient reason to stop it. With permission to go ahead now granted, the concerts will take place this Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday Tuam singer-songwriter Noelie McDonnell and the band Timber Tramps will play support to the Docs. On Sunday Salthill white-funk/pop band The Kanyu Tree and folk rockers Stone Lakes are the support.



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