Minister for the Environment asked not to restrict one- off rural housing

Minister for the Environment John Gormley has been strongly criticised for restricting planning applications for one-off rural housing in the countryside.

Oranmore Cllr Jim Cuddy said that at present, planning conditions seriously reduce the number of one-off rural houses. “It is only right and proper that family members should be able to build a house and live on their family lands in keeping with proper environmental and road safety concerns,” said the Progressive Democrats Cllr.

Cllr Cuddy is concerned that the Minister is proposing to depopulate rural Ireland and “force people against their will to live in cities, towns, and villages,” despite the fact that the existing facilities and infrastructure in towns and villages are “totally inadequate”.

“The failure of the Department of the Environment to provide necessary funding, and reduce the level of bureaucracy involved in providing water and sewerage services in our cities, towns and villages, is having serious environmental and ecological effects,” said Cllr Cuddy.

Cllr Cuddy also said that Mr Gormley needs to put his time and energies to better use, by providing and speeding up the many water and sewerage schemes that are long overdue to improve drinking and fishing waters which are under threat. “The health of our people must not be put at risk any further



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