New bus shelters on the way for Headford Road

Planning permission has been granted for six new bus shelters in the Headford Road area, to service the No 7 Galway city bus route.

Labour councillor Derek Nolan has welcomed the new shelters but said the wait for them has taken too long.

“The people of Bothar an Choiste, for example, have been crying out for a bus shelter for the best part of a decade,” he said. “I suppose it’s a case of better late than never.”

Cllr Nolan has called for the roll-out of further bus shelters across the city immediately, arguing that a bus service without bus shelters will not attract customers.

“This is not unreasonable, given that there is no capital cost in their provision - shelters are financed through the advertising panels,” he said. “A bus service that requires people to wait in the rain is not acceptable, and would not be tolerated on the Continent, where public transport is given greater priority.”



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