Style tricks to look good in the gym

Gym bag by Nike.

Gym bag by Nike.

If you look good when you are exercising, you will feel better and work out harder. Just follow these simple fashion guidelines to buy gym clothes that will make you look good, even after the most strenuous workout.

First and foremost, your gym rags should be comfortable and allow your body a great range of motion. Just like your everyday clothing, your success in being stylish at the gym lies in the simplicity and elegance of your outfits.

Start with the basics

Have all your pants and shorts in one easy basic colour — black, navy, or grey is perfect. Look for ones with comfortable high quality Lycra. Make sure they are fitted around the thighs and buttocks, flaring slightly below the knee. Boot-cut and drawstring styles are flattering to most figures. A wider or asymmetrical waistband can make your waist look slimmer.

Wear fitted

coloured tops

Avoid oversized shirts and shorts. If you want to look your absolute best, choose outfits that fit your body well and are in colours that flatter you. When it comes to your top, go for a nice workout top in a festive colour. When you put on a cute top, it will raise your spirits and make you feel like working out. Tops with wider straps will always look better than spaghetti straps.

An important part of looking good in the gym is wearing a good sports bra. If you are big breasted look for sports bras with wide straps that provide good support. Make sure they are made of breathable fabrics.

Wear appropriate footwear

Make sure your shoes are fresh and not worn out. Look for shoes that are appropriate for your exercise routine. Exercise footwear is designed to be activity specific. If you are a runner, look for a good running shoe. If you are an aerobics fanatic, pick a shoe that is made for aerobic workouts.

Choose low socks that show your ankle. This makes your legs and feet look less clunky in runners.

To carry your stuff in style, keep your gym bag small and stylish. It should be big enough to fit all your essentials for one day.

Follow these simple tips and you will not only look good inside and out of the gym, but you will enjoy a successful workout too.

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