Wiggle to bring the digi-dub reggae to Galway

WIGGLE, THE Cork digi-dub reggae legends return to Galway to play The Warwick Hotel, Salthill, on Friday January 29 at 10pm.

The band are Toby (vocals, drum machines, sequencers, special effects, and samplers ), Colm (guitars, programming, loops, effects ), Rory (keys, samples ), John John (bass ), and Jim (visuals ).

Wiggle began life when Toby, John-John and Colm began to make music with a Roland 505 drum-machine, a guitar, and a double bass. Later Rory joined and helped expand the band’s sound with the inclusion of the theremin, trumpet, melodica, slide-whistle, accordion, keyboards, mini-guitar, and samples.

Wiggle began by experimenting with sequencers and live instruments crossing psychedelic folk with electro dub. Dub is not their sole influence however. The band also infuse their reggae sound with elements of jungle, breakcore, dubstep, hiphop, metal, punk, country, tango, and klezmer…so long as it feeds the dance, feeds the music, it’s welcome.

After a couple of years touring building up their audience and reputation, Wiggle released their debut album Brighten The World in March 2009 and saw it enjoy favourable reviews. They are currently recording their second album which is due for release this summer.

Wiggle’s live gigs are like entering an ever evolving sonic landscape, their songs segue and flow into one another taking both listener and dancer on a musical journey with beats progressing from slow chilled out dub to fast manic jungle. They’re accompanied live by VJ Present at the visual bridge, providing a bounty of optical treats

Tickets are €8 before 11pm and €10 afterwards. Visuals will be by VJ Present and UV light-art by Calcus Astral & Infinite Phenomena. Sound will be by Funktion One Sound. See www.wiggle.ie or www.myspace.com/wigglewww



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