Dress to suit your skin

An Irish online eco store has come up with a new range of eczema friendly nightwear which will be welcome news to parents of children with the condition as well as adult sufferers.

Eczema is a painful skin condition characterised by dry, easily irritated skin. One in five Irish children suffer from it at some stage. It can present itself as early as two months.

The clothing range features mens’s, women’s and children’s pieces to aid restful and easy sleep.

Eczema Clothing by Cotton Comfort is made from 100 per cent organic cotton, has flat seams inside and out, a tear-off label on the outside and many garments have hands and/or feet enclosed. The fabric is treated with natural silver ions which represents the newest advances in eczema clothing.

“Irish parents are finding that eczema clothing can drastically reduce pain, itching and infection for eczema sufferers,” claim the makers. “The most exciting thing about our Eczema Clothing is its natural silver soothe properties. Silver has for a long time been recognised as a natural antibacterial. Natural silver ions have been added to the fabric to soothe the skin, to ease night time itches, to remove bacteria overgrowth and to help prevent the spread of organisms and the risk of secondary infection.”

Prices start from €19.50. Log onto www.econatural.ie for further information.



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