Get online and embrace the web, City Council tells Galway businesses

Galway businesses should get online and embrace all that the web has to offer, the City Council announced last week at the launch of the new Galway business website www.eGalway.Biz

The aim of this web portal is to encourage the people and businesses of Galway to get online and embrace all that broadband and the internet have to offer.

The website will simplify the e-launch process for businesses and will empower e-entrepreneurs with the basic tools, information and resources necessary to launch a product or service on the World Wide Web. www.eGalway.Biz is a website developed by Galway City Council to encourage the people and businesses of Galway to secure an online presence and benefit from all that broadband and the internet have to offer. The development of the website is an initiative supported by the eGalway Group and the Galway City Development Board.

With broadband now more readily accessible than ever throughout Galway, businesses and entrepreneurs, who are currently lacking the benefit of an online presence can now log onto www.eGalway.Biz and apply for a simple functional personalised website through eGalway.Biz Any business or service whose details are not returned through the map search may at any time input their details, which will then be visible to all site users.

All users may tailor the homepage to suit their preferences and needs, offering a one stop shop for all types of information such as RSS feeds, news headlines, weather, multi web searches, and recruitment along with a Google map that will pinpoint the location of your business allowing other businesses access information on your services or products online.

Commenting on the launch of the web portal City Manager Joe MacGrath said that the site will provide a convenient starting point for either the newcomer to the internet, or those experienced in web-technologies. The aim of the site is to showcase the many uses of broadband and the web, from business benefits to research, online banking to shopping, and from news to entertainment.

“The availability of this one stop shop to businesses in Galway is a testament to the work of Galway City Council’s ICT Department in the time, expertise and dedication that they have spent on developing this skillful initiative. ”

Some of the features of the new site include:

• Access to online services in Galway through the map-based search or the Quick Links section.

• Personalizable homepage allowing the user to tailor the page according to their preferences.

• Customizable web-parts including: a multi-engine search feature, RSS feeds, and various online services from one convenient location.

• Free three-page website offered to Galway businesses and services that do not already have an existing website.

Dr Chris Coughlan, Chairman eGalway Group congratulated the work of Galway City Council’s ICT Department stating that the new site fully supports the aim of the eGalway Group in promoting the use of broadband in all areas across Galway from a business, community, cultural, entertainment and tourism perspective.

“In the medium term, initiatives such as the launch of the www.eGalway.Biz website will ensure that Galway features as a a leading-edge and competitive e-region.”



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