Athletics hero Sonia opens city Foot Solutions

One of Ireland’s greatest sports ambassadors officially launched the Foot Solutions footwear store in Middle Street on Monday evening. Sonia O’Sullivan, the superstar of Irish athletics greeted customers and staff in her ever cheerful, pleasant, smiling fashion. The woman who put the spotlight on Irish running, and created a buzz only familiar with the Irish soccer team had obviously not lost her passion as she lectured on the importance of correct footwear.

“It is not just about runners it’s about everyone, athletes already know a lot about what is on offer. Irish people tend to put up with a lot and are quite happy to get on with things but about 50 per cent of people have problems relating to their feet, and this is a place to find solutions” says Sonia O’Sullivan.

Foot Solutions is an American franchise that focuses on foot comfort, foot health, and making feet happy, according to store manager John Lynch. It offers shoes in half sizes and different widths to ensure the perfect fit for every foot. A free gait analysis will highlight where you put pressure on your feet, and whether or not it is correct, orthotics (custom made insoles ) can then be made from this analysis. Correcting your feet can improve posture, and reduce or in some cases eliminate foot pain and associated symptoms such as knee and lower back pain .

“I want to run without aches and pains, said the Olympic running star adding, “this shop is for people who have problems. We make sure that we have the right shoes for our children but when we get older we have to buy our own shoes. It is your responsibility to make sure you are wearing the right shoes and now you have the chance to do that.”

The footwear store also deals with customers from sporting backgrounds who want to improve their performance, and those who are looking for comfortable walking shoes to get into shape. They can even have a positive impact on your golf swing by helping you to be better balanced.

O’Sullivan says that she would encourage everyone to avail of the free gait analysis and to improve your foot health, and overall wellbeing.

Foot Solutions also caters for referrals from doctors, physiotherapists, and podiatrists. For more information on Foot Solutions call (091 ) 866555 or visit



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